The seller and purchaser would need a lawyer to witnessed the signatures of the parties. The Lawyer will make sure that correct homestead provisions are used for the transaction. In the event of a Power of Attorney the Lawyer is will prepare appropriate documents and will take all necessary steps to verify the power of attorney.  The Lawyer will receive purchase funds and will hold it in trust to be transferred to the vendor, upon registrations of title documents. Lawyer will also take steps to ensure that seller’s mortgage, liens and caveats are removed from the title and the purchaser receives the property without existing charges of the previous owner.  You can prepare your documents on your own and have a lawyer witness your land titles documents, even attempt to register the documents yourself but due to the complexity of the transaction it is always best to have the lawyer deal with set of documentation and transfer of funds. More so if you were to prepare and submit the documents yourself you may end up spending more time and money in travel costs. It is always good to have a real estate lawyer work on your closing.

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