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Car Accident Lawyers Toronto

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Car Accident Lawyer Toronto

Road traffic accidents are one of the most common reasons for personal injury claims. They can vary from a minor inconvenience through to loss of life but every accident has a potential for a claim if your quality of life has been affected in anyway, either physically or financially. All drivers have a duty to drive carefully, according to the rule of law. If someone fails in this duty, you may be able to make a claim against them. In order to make this claim successfully and receive the maximum amount of compensation that you are entitled to, the best thing you can do is to find a lawyer who has a good professional reputation and lots of experience in the field of personal accident claims.

Experienced Car Accident Lawyer Toronto

Shaikh Law has been ranked by clients as the best lawyer in Toronto and Mississauga. We believe that this is because we apply our expert legal knowledge in a client centered way, whilst thinking outside the box to solve your legal concerns. We are client focused, dedicated and efficient. We constantly strive for the very highest standards and keep you informed every step of the way. Our team shares a wealth of knowledge and experience and our team leader, Ali Shaikh, is a highly regarded lawyer who boasts three postgraduate degrees from UK universities as well as being called to four different Bars and Law Societies. Our firm is committed to delivering high-quality legal service in every aspect of our work but personal accidents is one of the specialties that we are very proud of.

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Over the last few years, we have helped 10,000s of people claim compensation, you are in safe hands with us. Shaikh Law has the expertise and experience to help you get compensation for an injury sustained during a road traffic accident, whether it was a minor accident or involved more serious harm and even fatality. An experienced member of our team will be able to advise you on the level of compensation you can expect to receive depending on your injuries and the losses you have suffered. We will work hard to maximize that compensation. We can also ensure that you are able to access the best advice on employment, welfare, and benefits as well as treatment, rehabilitation and support groups following the accident.

We represent many ‘no win, no fee’ personal injury claims in Toronto. This enables every individual who has been involved in an accident to access lawyers at no cost to themselves. If you don’t win, then there is no charge. If you do win, you receive 100% of the damages. Our fees are covered under a ‘costs awarded agreement’. We can guide you through the claims process smoothly, removing the burden from you.

Our years of experience enable us to advise you on what to do as soon as an accident has occurred. Forewarned is forearmed so bear in mind the following points. As soon as possible after a crash you should call the emergency services and ensure that a medic examines you. Continue to see a healthcare professional for a few weeks afterwards as some injuries don’t appear immediately, brain injuries in particular. Remember to keep copies of any test results and prescriptions. Whilst you are on the scene if you able to, collect contact details of all parties involved and any witnesses. Make a note of any license plate numbers. It’s really helpful if you are able to take pictures which may help your lawyer to provide evidence at a later date.

How we can help

Being involved in a car accident can be incredibly distressing so we want to help you to resolve your claim as quickly as possible with minimal stress. We recommend you see a lawyer as soon as you can after the accident, don’t wait too long to file a claim. Your lawyer will then look at all the facts of the case and can advise you on the best way to proceed.

Every driver on the road has a duty to drive carefully. If you are harmed due to another driver’s negligence then you may be entitled to compensation. This negligence may include exceeding the speed limit, distraction, failing to brake fast enough, ignoring traffic signals or alcohol and drug consumption, amongst other things. In order to proceed, the incident must be reported to the police. You may be able to claim as a passenger, a pedestrian, a driver, a cyclist or a motorcyclist. Following your first visit to your lawyer, we will establish whether there is enough evidence to proceed after speaking to you, your insurance company and the police.

Your lawyer will establish the kind of loss you have suffered. This may be loss of income or a long-term disability. Some conditions and losses are easy to evidence for example, an obvious medical problem, damage to property or loss of earnings but others are harder to prove. The trickier ones include physical pain and emotional distress. In order to prove these, a complex analysis will be required and your lawyer will need to look at all the different ways it has affected your life. This can include the impact on your relationships and employment, both current and future. Experts will be brought in to help draw out this information. Although there may appear to be a lot of questions, rest assured that this is necessary in order to get you a fair amount of compensation.

Following a road traffic accident there are two main ways to claim. If another driver was at fault you can claim against them in a tort claim. Alternatively, you can claim via an insurance company, either yours or theirs. Insurance claims can seem overwhelming due to the vast amount of complex paperwork, but navigating this process and acting as your advocate is our way of removing the stress from you.

Free consultation

At Shaikh Law, we offer a free initial consultation with a specialist personal injury lawyer. At this initial consultation, your lawyer will discuss the details of your injury and how it happened. This will allow the lawyer to establish the strengths of your case are and roughly how much compensation you can expect. With a professional yet sympathetic helping hand, there’s nothing to stop you from claiming the compensation for a personal injury that you deserve after what can only be a traumatic experience.

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