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Shaikh Law Firm Corporate Lawyer can assist International and Canadian Companies, Entrepreneurs, Large and Small Business operating across Canada and around the Globe. Our Business Lawyer has been helping Entrepreneur to start their business by giving legal advice for Corporate Structuring to form a business built for success.

We assist our clients to make the right decisions at the right time for their business. Whether our Clients intend to set up a sole proprietorship or a Corporation or a Partnership Firm or a Joint Venture Company we focus our legal services required for specific business needs.

We understand business ideas and act proactively, to ensure that our clients are protected from unnecessary risks by providing practical advice tailored to their specific needs.

We take up the responsibility to handle the legal problems of our client so they focus on developing their businesses. We have corporate & commercial acumen to guide our clients every step of their business.

Business Lawyer

Legal Services Spectrum

At Shaikh Law, we focus on providing selective Business Law services. Whether you are a sole proprietor, small business, Large Corporation or a partnership.  Our Corporate Lawyer can help in Incorporating a Business (Provincial & Federal), including Articles of Incorporation, Partnerships Or Joint Ventures Agreements, Unanimous Shareholders Agreement, Share Purchase Agreement, Simple Share Transfer Agreements for Banks, Minute Books, Buying a Business or Buying Franchise, Corporate Legal Opinions, Employment Agreement, Independent Contractor Agreements, Commercial Leases and more. Our key common areas of Business Legal Services are divided into six categories mentioned below;


Incorporate a Business Online


Shareholder Agreement Drafted by Experienced Corporate Lawyer


We can make the process smooth and simiple.


Draft and Review Employment Agreement for your Business.


Get Legal Opinions on Contracts and Disputes.


Simple Transfer of Shares for Bank Accounts.

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