Real Estate Sale
Important Documents & Information


Note: If you have already provided any of the following information then you do not need to send us again. 


  • Full name, cell phone number, Email addresses, occupation, and business address of all parties on the title.
  • Spousal Status: e.g.married or single or separated or divorced. If married then the name of the spouse with copies of spouse I.D.s, if separated we need a copy of the Separation Agreement, and If divorced, then we need a copy of the Divorce Certificate and Divorce Order.
  • Residence Status: E.g., Canadian citizen or permanent resident or student or visitor
  • Please advise if all parties to the agreement will be physically present in Canada until the date of closing.
  • Please advise if the property is used, in whole or in part, for commercial use.
  • Please advise if any part of the property is tenanted. 
  • Forwarding mail address.
  • Additional Notes for Lawyer.


  • All parties: two valid I.D.s, front and back scan copy (E.G. Driver’s License and Passport, NOT HEALTH CARD!).
  • Agreement of Sale & Purchase
  • Mortgage statement. Please ensure all relevant details are legible. Please note that a minimum of 2 business days of per diem interest will be added for any discharges (mortgage or otherwise).
  • (If Applicable) Articles of Incorporation, names of the Directors and their I.D.s.
  • Copy of Void Cheque. 
  • Most recent property tax bill. 

Send Us A Message or Documents

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Our Real Estate Lawyer Fee for selling a property is $900 + tax. 


  • One Mortgage Payout or Anyone payout;
  • Bank Charges, including two certifications of cheques;
  • Deposit into client’s account by way of the certified cheque;
  • Printing, Courier Charges;
  • Phone & Fax charges.
  • File Opening Charges;
  • One Appointment/ Mobile Signing;
  • After Office Hours Appointment;


  • Law Society Levy $65;
  • Per additional Payout $63 + Tax if required;
  • Mandatory Software Charge $171 + HST


  • We collect our legal fees from your sale proceeds.


  • Payout statement. Provide copies of all payouts with complete details to the lawyer without delay. Please note that an automatic 2 business days of per diem interest will be applied to any payouts as of the date of closing. 
  • Proof of Payment. Provide proof of last payments made for property tax, condo fees & utilities etc.
  • Proof of Residency. We require at least one Ids to prove Canadian residence, e.g. Passport or P.R card.
  • Realtor Commission Invoice. Please provide our email address ([email protected]) to your realtor for the commission invoice.
  • Travel plans. Inform our office of any travel plans or inability to meet us within a week of the closing date. 
  • Disconnect utilities. Contact all utility authorities (e.g., water, hydro and gas) for disconnection. 
  • Pre-authorized payments. Cancel all pre-authorized payments, especially property tax & condo fees.
  • Fire insurance. Cancel fire Insurance. We recommend that you do not cancel the insurance until two working days after closing.
  • Keys or Lockbox code. Provide one set of keys with the lawyer and remaining at the kitchen counter with detailed notes for the buyer. 


 Step by Step Process

STEP 1: Upload the information online or Scan and Email the documents requested [email protected] 

STEP 2: Allow us time to review your documents and issues on your file. We may not contact you until a week before closing if everything is moving according to the procedure. 

STEP 3: Contact all utility authorities to cancel your account two days after your date of closing. 

STEP 2: Ensure that all your pre-authorized payments are cancelled—especially property tax and condo fee. 

STEP 4: A week before closing, arrange for a spare key or a lockbox code to be provided to our office. 

STEP 5: A week before closing, schedule an in-person appointment for signing closing documents. We must verify your Ids and signatures. 

STEP 6: Ensure all original IDs are available for your appointment with our office. 

STEP 7: On the date of closing by 5:00 P.M., reach out to our office to confirm closing. 

STEP 8: Collect your sale proceeds from our office, same day or next working day. We can also deposit sale proceeds directly into your account by way of a certified cheque only. Please note: Some banks have starting holding funds for five working days. Please speak to your account manager to remove the hold. 

STEP 9: Receive a final report with copies of all transaction documents for your record. 

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