Documents & Information We Need



Send us the documents and Information we need to get started.

Stage 2

Review & Approve the draft Agreement

Stage 3

Sign the Will and collect your copies


Note: If you have already provided any of the following information then you do not need to send us again. 

  1. Two Valid IDs, Front and Back Scan Copy (E.G Driver’s License and Passport). Click Here to Download ID VERIFICATION FORM Make sure you bring the original at the time of your appointment to sign documents.
    1. Have you used any other names & occupations?
    2. Name of Spouse or Partner, phone & email (indicate if not married)
    3. Name, date of birth & address of children or dependents.
    4. Names, address and contact information of all Trustee & Executors or Guardians for children
    5. How do you want your assets to be divided? Please provide a detailed description e.g. property address, Bank A/c numbers & name of the bank, car make and model etc?
    6. Do you want to make any gifts to a specific individual or corporation?
    7. Do you want to create a living will or provide medical Instructions?
    8. Additional Notes for the Lawyer.

Send Us A Message or Documents

 Step by Step Process

STEP 1: Scan and E-mail the following documents to info@slclawyer.ca

1. Select Office Location for an appointment for signatures.
2. Completed Client ID Verification Form
3. Two pieces of Valid ID front and back (Example Valid Drivers license, Passport, PR Card; NOT Health Cards);
4. Payment of the legal fees can be made online at https://slclawyer.ca/pay-online/ or by email transfer at info@slclawyer.ca
5. Contact phone numbers and email address;
6. Completed intake questions which are to be submitted to our office.

STEP 2: Lawyer’s review and consultation

1. Once the payment is made, your lawyer will review the documents and information submitted to us
2. The Lawyer will then call the Client to Discuss the terms of the Will
3. Usually, the first draft is ready within 3 to 5 working days from the date we have received complete documentation and confirmed the information from the client.
4. The Client will review the Will and changes can be made until the final draft is approved; the changes are included in the legal fees.

STEP 3: Up an Appointment for Signing

1. Once the final draft is approved by the client, an appointment will be set up for the signing.
2. Please arrive 5 minutes early to your Appointment with Original IDS.
3. You will sign the Will and the original copy will be given to you to keep. Your lawyer will retain an electronic copy of the signed Will.

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Single Will: $270 + HST $305.10 (Including Taxes)

Mirror Will: $450 + HST (Husband & Wife)
$508.50 (Including Taxes) 


  • Consultation with Wills & Estate Lawyer
  • Simple Equal Division of all Assets.
    Appointment of Guardian for Children.
  • Power of Attorney.
  • Living Will.
  • Health Care Directive
  • Printing Charges.
  • Phone & Fax charges.
  • Software Charges.
  • File Opening Charges.
  • One Appointment/ Online or Mobile Signing.
  • After Office Hours Appointment.


  • Tax Planning NOT INCLUDED
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