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Send us the documents and Information we need to get started.

Stage 2

Review & Approve the draft Agreement

Stage 3

Sign the agreement and collect your copies


Applicable only if the other party is willing to enter into an Agreement to settle terms of Separation. If not then you would need to File a Regular Family Case. Please see our Article on this Topic. What happens if a spouse refuses to sign a separation agreement. 

You would need a Separation Agreement:

  1. If you have children;
  2. If you have Property;
  3. If you have liability;
  4. If the spouse is dependant on Marriage financially.
  5. other issues you wish to settle.


Note: If you have already provided any of the following information then you do not need to send us again. 

  1. Two Valid IDs, Front and Back Scan Copy (E.G Driver’s License and Passport). Click Here to Download ID VERIFICATION FORM Make sure you bring the original at the time of your appointment to sign documents.
  2. Copy of the Marriage Certificate (if Available)
  3. List of Issues for the Separation Agreement
    1. Division of Property
    2. Child Custody
    3. Child Support
    4. Spousal Support
    5. Additional Issues & Notes for Lawyer (Short Notes about what both parties have agreed in principle and issues in dispute)
  4. Particulars of Relationship.
    1. Date and Place of Marriage/ when Cohabitation began?
    2. Date when the relationship broke down or date of separation?
    3. The surname of each party before marriage?
    4. Maiden Name of Wife?
    5. Marital Status prior to commencement of the relationship of both parties?
    6. Date & Place of Birth of both parties?
    7. Address of both parties
  5. Children(s) Name, Date of Birth and Current Custody Arrangement?
  6. Any Existing Court Proceedings
  7. Bank Statements as of the Date of Separation
  8. Last three Notice of Assessments, Tax Return & Pay stubs of both parties.
  9. Both parties to the agreement are expected to provide financial disclosure as per the Family Laws in Ontario. We have provided two formats, simple and official. You can attempt to complete either one of them. Simple Financial Disclosure Form  Click Here to DownloadFinancial Dis    OR  Form 13 (Support Claim)   Or  Use Form 13. 1 if you have property and support claim     NOTE: if you are confused, do not worry, just complete the simple Financial disclosure form and we will take care of the rest.

Send Us A Message or Documents

 Step by Step Process

STEP 1: Submit your documents Online or Scan and E-mail the following documents to 

  1. Inform us about  Office Location for an appointment for signatures.
  2. Completed Client ID Verification Form
  3. Two pieces of Valid ID front and back (Example Valid Drivers license, Passport, PR Card; NOT Health Cards);
  4. Payment for an amount of $1260 + TAX ($1448.69) can be made online at or by email transfer at
  5. Contact phone numbers and email address;
  6. Completed Financial Disclosure Form enclosed with supporting documents (Example: Income as per tax return (last 3 years), list of assets, such as Bank Statements, vehicles, and list of liabilities such as Credit Card Statements and line of credit statements – only for the date of separation.)

STEP 2: Lawyers review and consultation

  1. Once the payment is made your Lawyer will review the documents to ensure the Separation Agreement is Legally Binding before witnessing and Issuing an Independent Legal Advice Certificate.
  2. Discussions with the Client and confirmation that both parties agree to the draft.
  3. Depending on the workload the first draft is usually ready within 7 working days from the date we have received complete documentation and information from the client.
  4. Draft Approved by Lawyer for Printing.

STEP 3: Print 4 Copies and Set – Up an Appointment

  1. Please print 4 copies of all documents.
  2. Please ensure that the document is not printed back to back. ONE-SIDED ONLY!
  3. Arrive 5 minutes early to your Appointment with Original IDS.
  4. Collect all four copies of Independent Legal Advice Certificate and Lawyer will witness and Notary your Documents

STEP 4: Your Partner will Find his own Lawyer and obtain His/Her own Independent Legal Advice

  1. Note: We cannot represent both parties.
  2. Your partner would need to find his/her own Lawyer to Notary their signatures as well as to Issue an Independent Legal Advice Certificate.
  3. Once All signatures are complete, then your partner will drop one copy with his/her own Lawyer and will retain one Original for him/herself.
  4. You will receive two Originals. One original is to be dropped at our office.
  5. Your Separation Agreement is now legal Complete and binding between the parties.
Separation Agreement Costs in Ontario

Legal Fees

Complete Separation Agreement Legal Fees is $1260 + HST

Total $1448.69 

  • Consultation for a Separation Agreement INCLUDED.
  • Drafting of Separation Agreement INCLUDED.
  • Independent Legal Advice Certificate INCLUDED.
  • Reviewing Financial Disclosure and prepare Financial Disclosure Forms INCLUDED.
  • Four Revisions INCLUDED.
  • Negotiation of terms of a Separation Agreement is NOT INCLUDED.
  • Printing & Courier is NOT INCLUDED. (if required )
  • Hourly rate of $180+Tax for Basim Nehal and $270 + Tax for Ali Shaikh would apply for Additional revisions and negotiations (if required).

Pay Online by clicking at the link above


By Cheque, Email Transfer at

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