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SHAIKH LAW FIRM, Family Lawyers have the knowledgeable, skill, experience and expertise to help their client with all forms of family law matters.  

We understand our client’s feelings and have an unwavering commitment to providing  Quality Legal Services.  

What We Can Do For You

Divorce (Uncontested)

Simple or Joint Uncontested Divorce.

Separation Agreement

Professionally Drafted Separation Agreement.

Divorce (Contested)

Contested Divorce for Disputed Family Matters

Foreign Divorce Opinion Letter

Divorced overseas & now getting remarried.

Prenuptial Agreement

Marriage Contracts or Co-habitation Agreeements for Common Law Partners

Independant Legal Advice (ILA)

Certificate of Independent Legal Advice

Child Custody

Sole, Joint or Share Child Custody

Spousal Suport

Get Support Order or Vary Spousal Support Order

Division of Assets

Equal or Unequal Division of Assets

We Will Help You
Every Step of the Way