Land Title Transfer Procedure in Ontario

Land Title Transfer Procedure in Ontario

At times we may need to transfer land title to another person or entity such as a corporation. In Ontario, the land title can be transferred electronically within minutes with the help of a real estate lawyer. The Land Transfer procedure in Ontario is relatively simple and cost-effective if a real estate lawyer is involved. All you need to do is hire a real estate lawyer who will prepare all documents for the land registry and register the transfer as per the laws of Ontario.

Can a property be transferred without a lawyer?

Only a Real Estate Lawyer can transfer land title to a property in Ontario. Our lawyers are experienced in land title transfer procedures in Ontario and understand the specific nature of the transaction.

Online Real Estate Lawyer

Online Real Estate Lawyer

At Shaikh Law, we believe in providing cost-effective and efficient real estate services to clients. Therefore we have introduced online services for our clients.

Our Real Estate Law Firm has maintained competitive fees by ensuring 99% of online legal services. Our authorized representative must meet with you once to witness your signatures and verify your original IDs.

Land Title Transfer Procedure Lawyer

Title transfer is a two step procedure

Complete title Intake Form

If you wish to get started just complete the online title transfer Intake form below.

Submit Documents

We need a copy of the Property Tax bill and a confirmation from your lender (if you have a mortgage).

Land Transfer Tax Calculator

Property Purchase Price
Type of Property
Where is the Property Located?
First Time Home Buyer
Land Transfer Tax Calculator Results are based on the information available on the Government of Ontario website. Shaikh Law Firm does not take any responsibility if the rate is changed by the Government of Ontario. Clients will be expected to Pay Land Transfer Tax as levied the Government of Ontario.
Ontario Land Transfer Tax
Toronto Land Transfer Tax (Including Admin Fees $84.75)**
Less First time Home Buyer Rebate
Total Land Transfer Tax
  • * Fees subject to change without notice
  • ** Toronto Land Transfer Tax includes administration fee $84.75.

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