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Ontario Title Search & Land Registry Search

Ontario Title Search and Ontario Land Registry search can be done through our office. We can search property ownership documents, the status of title, title transfers, mortgage, designation of spousal interests, liens, cautions, including survey plans for the property from Ontario’s official land registration system.

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What is Title Search

A title search in Ontario is a process of retrieving and examining Land Title records to determine and confirm legal ownership, description, as well as any claims, liens, charges, encumbrances registered on the real property. A title search is required for any real estate transaction to be completed.

Our fees for title search in Ontario

Per Search

$ 99 + HST

What is Instrument Search

An Instrument search is a process of retrieving and examining a single instrument from the title search records, for example, retrieving land transfer, mortgage, caution, notice, certificate of pending litigation, designation of spousal interest, liens etc. The first step is to conduct a title search from Land Titles Ontario. If further investigation is required then an instrument from the title search can be retrieved for further examination by your real estate lawyer.

Our fees for an Instrument search in Ontario

Per Search

$ 45 + HST

How long does a title search take in Ontario

Land title searches in Ontario can be done online within a matter of minutes. At our office, we require a minimum of 24 hours during weekdays. However, depending on the availability of staff it can be the same day.

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