spousal sponsorship checklist

Spousal Sponsorship Check

Spousal Sponsorship Checklist can be divided into two parts. The first Part is to establish if you are eligible to be a Sponsor and second part is to establish your relationship with your spouse.  It is also important to note that your spouse or common-law partner may also be eligible to apply for an open work permit. In this article, we will provide you with complete Spousal Sponsorship Checklist.

Spousal Sponsorship Canada Checklist

Eligible to Sponsor



18 Years & Older


Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident.


Has financial means to support the person sponsored.


Not on Social Assistance


Cannot If he/she was sponsored on spousal sponsorship to Canada less than 5 years ago. 


Must be willing to sign an undertaking to Government Canada to Financially Support Your Spouse.


Cannot sponsor if failed to payback immigration loan, performance bond, or court order support payments.


Cannot sponsor if failed to fulfill his/her undertaking for the previous sponsored spouse. 


cannot sponsor if declared Bankruptcy and Bankruptcy is not discharged


cannot sponsor if convicted of a violent criminal offense or sexual offense or if in Jail

Download Document Checklist

Government of Canada Spouse Sponsorship Application Forms Checklist

  1. Document Checklist IMM5533;
  2. Sponsorship Agreement & Government Undertaking IMM 1344;
  3. Generic Application form IMM 0008;
  4. Country-Specific Generic Application forms are also to be completed;
  5. Additional Family Information Form IMM5406;
  6. Financial Evaluation Form IMM 1283 (if Applicable);
  7. Background declaration Form IMM 5669;
  8. Sponsorship Evaluation Form IMM 5532;
  9. Use of Representative Form IMM 5476 (if Applicable);
  10. Release of Personal Information Form IMM 5475;


Supporting Documents Checklist


  • Travel documents & Identity documents for the Applicant, such as Passports, IDs, Visa, custody Order, Divorce Order, birth certificate etc.
  • Police Certificate from every Country where the Applicant has lived for more than 6 months. for the Applicant, since the age of 18.
  • Medical Examination Report to be sent.
  • Marriage Certificate and other supporting evidence establishing the relationship and marriage ceremony such as photographs of marriage.
  • Proof of Income of the Sponsor, His/her Income tax returns, Notice of Assessments, paystubs & T4s.
  • Proof of Employment or Business.

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