Wills & Estates Lawyer

Wills and Estates Lawyer

One may think that their life is going as planned and would also agree that making a will is life’s important decision to be taken as early as possible. However, it is surprising how few people actually end up making a will. At SHAIKH LAW, Our Wills & Estates Lawyer would help you make a Last Will & Testament reflecting your wishes, in light of your circumstances. Our Wills lawyer cost is transparent with No Hidden Charges! Call Us to book 15 minutes Wills and Estates Lawyer Free Consultation over the phone.

As a parent, you may want to consider who will look after your children if you are not around, especially if you have children under the age of 18. As your children grow older you would want to have a system in place to help them manage their assets, their health care, and other needs.

It is always better to make a Living Will as well as a Last Will & Testament along with a plan for your loved ones as early as possible.

Wills and Estates Lawyer

Wills and Estate Lawyer Services

Spectrum of wills and estates law services offered at our Law Firm:

  • Last will & testament.
  • Living will or a health care directive.
  • Power of attorney for property.
  • Power of attorney for personal Care.
  • Incapacity planning.
  • Multiple Wills for tax efficiency.
  • Mirror Wills between spouses.
  • Business succession plans.
  • Family trusts.
  • Estate planning including real estate transfers.
  • Guardianship applications.
  • Simple probate applications.
  • Contested probate applications.
  • Estate administrations.
  • Estate litigation & estate disputeo

Do you need a lawyer to file for a probate in Ontario?

No. A short answer is you do not need a lawyer to file for a probate application. There is no legal requirement to hire a lawyer to file a probate application in Ontario.

However, it is essential to understand that a probate lawyer would be qualified to draft the probate application as per Ontario’s civil procedure rules. An experienced estate lawyer or a probate lawyer can look after all aspects of a probate application. The chances of rejection of a probate application would be less if you were to retain an estate & probate lawyer who is more experienced in drafting such applications. Your lawyer will be responsible for attending to any court objections and resolving such complaints to the judge’s satisfaction.

A probate lawyer can also advise a tax-efficient way to file probate and guide you to take steps to protect assets and what other measures are needed other than probate application.

Overall, an estate lawyer can get the probate process completed faster than others. A probate lawyer will be your go-to person if you run into a problem when distributing the assets.

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Hire Estate Lawyer

What is a codicil?

An amendment to a Will is referred to as a Codicil to a Will.  A Codicil is prepared to make minor changes, such as adding or removing a beneficiary of the Will.

wills and estates lawyer

Importance of making a Will

The key benefit of having a Will in Canada is choosing who will get your property and how it will be divided among your beneficiaries. Another essential component of a will is to make specific gifts and appoint a guardian for your minor children.

Therefore it is important to have a will, if you have a property or any form of assets such as balance in the bank or a car or minor child and want to make sure your assets are divided as per your wish and/or your minor child has a guardian after your death, you should have a will in Canada. 

Do you need a lawyer to prepare a Will?

No, you do not need a lawyer to prepare a will in Ontario. As per Canadian law, even a handwritten will is legally valid. If your Will is simple where you are leaving everything to a specific person, for example, your brother, you do not need a lawyer to draw up a will. It would be cost-effective to use an online will template.

However, using a wills lawyer to help you draw up a professionally drafted Will cannot be underestimated. Lawyers are aware of estate laws and can help clients prepare a better estate plan when drafting the Will. Spending extra on a wills lawyer would go a long way to protect you and your loved ones.

Wills and Estates lawyer cost

How much does it cost to make a will in Ontario?

The cost of a Will in Ontario varies drastically between online Will template to Wills professionally drawn up by a lawyer specializing in Wills.  Average online Will template costs between $39 to $90. In contrast, a Lawyer specializing in Wills costs from $180 to $450 to prepare a Will. 

At Shaikh Law Firm we keep it simple. We have fixed cost of a Will in Ontario, including law office disbursements. 


WILL Package
$ 450 + HST
  • Complete Will Pacakage
  • One Person Only
  • Consultation with a Wills Lawyer
  • Simple Equal Division of Assets
  • Appointment of Guardian for Children
  • One Last Will & Testament
  • One Living Will
  • Tax Planning NOT INCLUDED


$ 720 + HST
  • Two Wills Complete Pacakge
  • Between spouses only
  • Consultation with a Wills Lawyer
  • Complex Division of Assets
  • Appointment of Guardian for Children
  • Two Last Wills Testament
  • Two Living Wills
  • Tax Planning NOT INCLUDED
SAVE $180

Difference between Last Will & Living Will or Healthcare Directive

Last Will

A Last Will is a Legal document recording direction on how to distribute all assets & properties among beneficiaries after death.

Living Will

A Living Will, also known as a healthcare directive, is a legal document recording personal health care directives applicable when you are incapable of making a decision, such as physical or mental incapacity.

Power of Attorney

Our Wills Lawyer can professionally draft a Power of Attorney  for $270 + Tax. 


  • Inclusive of Law Office Disbursements.
  • Inclusive of client intake meeting for recording instructions.
  • Three Drafts or Revisions included prior to Signing the Power of Attorney.
  • Another Meeting to sign /execute the Power of Attorney.
power of attorney in Ontario Cost
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Wills Lawyer Cost

Our wills lawyer fees structure is transparent in accordance with the Law Society rules 4.2-2.1

Wills lawyer

Wills Lawyer Cost $450 + Tax

Our Wills and Estates Lawyer Fees for drafting a single Will is $450 + Tax and $720 for mirror wills (between spouses).


  • Wills & Estate Lawyer Free Consultation.
  • Drafting of Last Will & Testament.
  • Drafting of Living Will.
  • Drafting of affidavit of execution.
  • Appointment of guardians, trustees & executors
  • Simple equal division. 
  • Inclusive of all law office disbursements.
  • Three Drafts or Revisions included before signing the Will.
  • Tax Planning NOT INCLUDED.


Wills and estate lawyer
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