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Dealing with divorce can be an emotionally traumatic experience for everyone involved. It may or may not have been your decision to separate, divorce, or end your marriage.  Therefore, you must have a dedicated & experienced Divorce Lawyer in Kitchener who understands the Divorce and Family laws and can protect your interests without costing you thousands of dollars.

Shaikh law firm’s experienced Kitchener Divorce lawyer can help you with a divorce, division of property, child custody, child support, spousal support, variation of a support order and Separation Agreements. Our primary aim is to be committed to doing everything possible for a favourable outcome. We understand what you are going through, and we will be there every step of the way. Lawyers at our office can speak fluent English, Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi and Sinhala.


Experienced Divorce Lawyer

Our passion, experience, and unwavering commitment to our client’s success sets us apart from others.


Kitchener divorce lawyer services range from uncontested divorce to contested divorce in Ontario.

SHAIKH LAW FIRM has helped clients with contested divorce applications with multiples claims such as child custody, child support, enforcement of child support and termination of child support payments, spousal support, division of property & pension, property claims such as matrimonial homes, parenting contracts and grandparents applications.

Difference between Uncontested & Contested Divorce

An uncontested divorce is also known as a simple divorce in Ontario, which means only a divorce claim is filed in court. Therefore, in an uncontested divorce application, no claim for child custody, child support, spousal support or division of property is filed. You can also file a joint uncontested divorce if you and your ex wish to apply together.

On the other hand, a contested divorce means both parties do not agree on all issues, such as custody, child support, spousal support, division of property, matrimonial home and much more. 

Types of Divorce in Ontario

Simple vs Joint Divorce in Ontario

Simple Divorce

One Spouse files uncontested divorce

Joint Divorce

Both spouse apply togehter for ucontested divorce

Eligible to File Divorce in Ontario

How to file for divorce in Ontario

Are you eligible to file for divorce in Ontario?

Before you file your simple divorce in Ontario or uncontested divorce in Ontario, you want to make sure you are eligible to file your divorce application. 

  1. Legally married.
  2. There is no possibility of reconciliation.
  3. You need to file your original marriage certificate.
  4. You or your spouse has been a resident of Ontario for at least one year before filing for Divorce.
  5. You must establish one of the three grounds for Divorce.

a. separation for one year.
b. adultery.
c. cruelty.


Experienced Divorce Lawyer in Kitchener

At our law firm, experienced divorce lawyers can help you with not only contested divorce but simple divorce applications as well. We encourage you to hire a divorce lawyer with a history of success in such matters.

We are commonly retained for matters such as complicated property division, matrimonial homes, constructive trust matters, child custody with maximum contact with parents, grandparents access applications, child support & variation of child support orders, child removal orders and much more. If you have a contested matter, then you want to make sure you hire one of the top divorce lawyer in Kitchener. 


Divorce Lawyer Kitchener Cost $750 + Tax

A Kitchener divorce Lawyer costs $750 + HST for a simple divorce in Ontario, also known as an uncontested divorce. The court fees for all divorce applications in Ontario costs $669, payable in two installments of $224 and $445. The first payment of $224 is payable when filing the application, and the second payment of $445 is due when setting the matter down for a divorce hearing.

Whereas complicated or contested divorce applications are charged at an hourly rate ranging from $180 to $499 + HST per hour, depending on the seniority of the divorce lawyer. Our law firm’s legal fee structure is transparent and affordable. Our mission is to surpass selected areas of law by providing unmatched legal services without losing sight of the quality of service. 

Choose your package

Uncontested Divorce Only

legal fees

$ 499 + HST
  • Divorce consultation
  • Do it yourself
  • Step by step instructions
  • Drafting divorce documents
  • Reviewed by a divorce lawyer
  • Online support
  • Submission NOT INCLUDED
  • Response to objections NOT INCLUDED
  • Simple uncontested divorce only


$ 750 + HST
  • Divorce consultation
  • Fully managed by our law firm
  • Drafting of all court documents
  • Submission of all court documents
  • Court attendance
  • Responding to judge's objections
  • Obtainging divorce order
  • Applying for divorce certificate
  • Simple uncontested divorce only


Divorce Lawyer Kitchener costs $750  for an uncontested divorce in Ontario. If you have additional claims made, then you may need a separation agreement before filing for an uncontested divorce, or you may need to file a contested divorce. Similarly, if the other party files a claim in response to your application for a simple divorce, your application becomes a contested divorce. 

Please get in touch with our divorce lawyers in Kitchener for a free consultation.

Expenses such as court fees of $669 and the cost of service of documents (approx $99 for the GTA) are not part of our divorce lawyer’s cost or legal fees. Additional fees and costs may apply if the other party is not based in Ontario. 



A divorce lawyer is a legal professional who specializes in the laws and procedures associated with ending a marriage. They can provide legal advice, represent you in court, and help negotiate settlements regarding property division, child custody, spousal support, and other issues that arise during a divorce.

Hiring a divorce lawyer is crucial in safeguarding your rights and interests throughout the divorce process. Navigating the legal complexities of a divorce without expert guidance can be overwhelming and may result in unfavorable outcomes. Here are some key reasons why engaging a divorce lawyer is highly recommended:

  • Understanding of Legalities: A divorce lawyer has an in-depth understanding of family law and can help you grasp the intricate legal aspects that may affect your case. Laws can be complex, and having someone experienced to interpret them for you is invaluable.

  • Objective Advice: Emotions can run high during divorce, and having an objective legal advisor can help you make decisions that are in your best interest, rather than being driven by emotions.

  • Proper Documentation: There is a plethora of paperwork involved in divorce proceedings. A lawyer ensures that all documents are correctly filled out and filed within the necessary timelines, mitigating the risk of delays or rejections by the court.

  • Negotiation Skills: A skilled divorce lawyer has the experience and expertise to negotiate effectively with the opposing party, which is vital in reaching a fair settlement, particularly when it comes to sensitive issues like child custody or property division.

  • Court Representation: If your case goes to trial, a lawyer can represent you in court, presenting your case in the most compelling manner and advocating for your rights.

  • Peace of Mind: Knowing that a professional is handling the legalities can provide peace of mind during an emotionally taxing period, allowing you to focus on rebuilding your life.

Example Scenario:

For instance, consider a case where a couple is divorcing and they own a house. One partner may want to sell the house and split the proceeds, while the other wants to keep it. Negotiating such a situation can be tense and complicated.

An experienced divorce lawyer can analyze the circumstances, including each party’s financial situation, contributions to the house, and the best interests regarding children, if any. With this analysis, the lawyer can devise a strategy for negotiations and provide the court with reasoned arguments if necessary.

In this scenario, having a lawyer could mean the difference between reaching an equitable resolution or ending up with an unfavourable outcome. It emphasizes the significance of professional legal representation and advice during a divorce.

Hiring a lawyer is an investment in your future, and it is essential to choose someone you trust and feel comfortable with.

To file for divorce in Ontario, you must submit an application to the Superior Court of Justice. You or your spouse must have been residents of Ontario for at least one year before filing. Your lawyer can help you in preparing and filing the necessary paperwork.

We have a Comprehensive Guide on How to File for Divorce in Ontario: 9 Essential Steps

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Yes, online divorce is legal in Ontario. The Ontario Family Law Act allows for online submission and management of divorce proceedings as long as all required information and documents are accurately provided.

  1. Our online divorce process involves simple steps:

  • Fill out our secure online questionnaire.
  • We review your information and prepare all necessary documents.
  • You sign the documents electronically.
  • We file the documents with the court on your behalf.
  • We deliver the final divorce decree electronically.

The duration varies depending on the individual case, but typically, an online divorce can be finalized within a few months. We ensure the process is as quick and efficient as possible.

Ontario follows the equalization of family property, which means that the value of any property that was acquired during the marriage and still exists at separation is divided equally between the spouses. However, there can be exceptions, and a divorce lawyer can help you understand the specific circumstances.

Yes, as long as both parties agree on the arrangements, including child custody, child support, and property division, you can proceed with an online divorce. You would need a separation agreement in place before you can proceed with an uncontested online divorce in Ontario.

Our services are aimed at uncontested divorces where both parties agree on all matters. If there are disagreements, we recommend seeking legal advice or mediation services to resolve these issues before proceeding with the online divorce.

We offer legal services for separation agreements as well as contested divorce services as well, you can request a free consultation.

You must establish one of the three grounds for Divorce.

a. separation for one year.

b. adultery.

c. cruelty.

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On average, it takes 4 to 6 months to complete a simple divorce in Ontario, also known as an Uncontested Divorce in Ontario. However, if there are additional claims other than divorce, such as custody, support or division of property, then it could take several months or years to complete.

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Divorce in Ontario Costs $669.

As of 1 January 2023, the Court Fees for all Divorce Applications in Ontario Costs $669, payable in two installments of $224 and $445. The first payment of $224 is payable at the time of filing the application, and the second payment of $445 is due at the time of setting the matter down for a divorce hearing.

A divorce Lawyer costs $750 + HST for a simple divorce in Ontario, also known as an uncontested divorce. Conversely, a contested divorce in Ontario costs thousands of dollars because of the number of claims and complexity of divorce. Therefore total cost for a simple divorce in Ontario would be $1,516.50, all-inclusive. 

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A Divorce is granted is where a spouse who is legally married wishes to terminate his or her marriage by way of Divorce Proceedings before the Family Court of Law. Whereas Annulment of marriage is granted by a Civil Court of Law declaring that the Marriage was null and void or in other words the marriage did not exist in the first place. 

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There are Three Types of Divorce Applications in Ontario.

  1. Simple Uncontested Divorce
  2. Joint Uncontested Divorce
  3. Divorce with other contested relief.

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Child custody in Ontario is determined based on the best interests of the child. The court considers several factors, including the child’s wishes, the parent’s ability to care for the child, and the child’s emotional ties to the parent.

Spousal support, or alimony, is a payment made by one spouse to the other after separation or divorce to recognize the recipient’s contribution to the marriage and to assist them in becoming financially independent. It is determined based on factors such as the length of the marriage, the roles during marriage, and the recipient’s need for support.

Ontario follows the equalization of family property, which means that the value of any property that was acquired during the marriage and still exists at separation is divided equally between the spouses. However, there can be exceptions, and a divorce lawyer can help you understand the specific circumstances.

Yes, you can represent yourself in a divorce proceeding in Ontario, but it is often not advisable, especially if there are complex issues such as property division, child custody, or spousal support involved. Having a lawyer can help you navigate the legal system more effectively.

Not necessarily. If you and your spouse agree on the terms of the divorce, you may be able to finalize the divorce without appearing in court. However, if there are disagreements that you cannot resolve, a court may need to make the final decision.

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At Kitchener Divorce Lawyers, our commitment is to offer the help you need during such trying times. We maintain a sensitive approach to the unique aspects of your case and the emotional repercussions involved. We’re prepared to answer all your queries, address your concerns, educate you about the process, and guide you through every stage so you understand what to expect. Our team brings years of experience in dealing with all aspects of relationship dissolution, including child custody & access, child support, spousal support, property division, and domestic abuse cases.

Facing the prospect of separation, divorce, or a family law matter? Contact Kitchener Divorce Lawyers online or call us at (905) 795 7757 to arrange a consultation, in-person or virtually, with one of our skilled family lawyers in Kitchener.

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