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Dealing with any Divorce can be an emotionally traumatic experience for everyone involved. It may or may not have been your decision to separate, divorce or end your marriage or common-law relationship, but it is important that you have a dedicated Divorce Lawyer in Toronto, Ontario who understands the law and has the ability to protect your interests, without costing you thousands of dollars.

At SHAIKH LAW FIRM,  our primary aim is to be committed to doing everything in our power to secure a favorable outcome in your case. We understand what you are going through, and we will be there with you at every step, and we will see your case through to its conclusion.

We endeavor to provide quality and skillful legal representation you need during the difficult time of your Divorce in Ontario.  The outcome of any Divorce & Family Law matter can impact you and your children for years into the future, so you want to make sure you hire a Divorce Lawyer in Toronto whom you can trust.

Types of Divorce in Ontario

1. Simple Divorce (Uncontested Divorce)

2. Joint Divorce (Uncontested Divorce)

3. Divorce with other Relief. (Usually Contested Divorce)

What a Divorce Lawyer Toronto can do for you?

Our Divorce Lawyers in Toronto are ranked by our Clients as among the Best Divorce Lawyer Toronto. We get great reviews and are ranked as Best Divorce Lawyer Toronto simply because we back our promise to deliver high quality of Legal Services with 100% Client Satisfaction Guarantee.

When we file a Simple Divorce in Ontario we back our promise by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee the effect that if you do not get your Divorce we will give you a 100% refund.

Our Divorce Lawyer in Toronto can also help clients with other related Family Law services at our downtown office Location, including simple divorce in Ontario.

We have an office in core Downtown Toronto at Bay Street, conveniently located near Union Station at Famous TD Building or also known as Brookfield Place.Brookfield Place, 161, Bay Street, 27th Floor Toronto, ON M5J 2T2  If you wish to set up an appointment for Divorce Lawyer Toronto  Free Consultation, please call us at 647 361 5229 

We also have branches across GTA. We also serve clients in Mississauga Square One, Mississauga Streetsville, Brampton, Oakville, Hamilton for more details please visit our contact us page. 

Our Divorce Lawyer in Toronto Can help you with the following Legal Service.

1.      Simple  Divorce Applications

2.      Joint Divorce Application

3.      Contested Divorce Applications

4.      Separation Agreements in Ontario

5.      Child Support &  Spousal Support Provisions.

6.      Child Custody, Parenting Plans, Visitation.

7.      Division of Property

8.      Non-Harassment Orders

9.      Exclusive Possession of Property

Grounds for Divorce 

Divorce in Canada is governed under the Federal Divorce Act wherein Divorce is described as a breakdown in marriage in three situations:

  1. To be Living separate and apart for more than one year or;
  2. Adultery or;
  3. Cruelty.

A Divorce process in Canada is commenced by filing a Divorce proceeding in your Province before the Court of Law. In your Divorce Documents, you will be required to file grounds of Divorce in your court documents. For detail information on how to prepare your Divorce papers please contact us.

Bar to Divorce

A Divorce Application can be refused in the following situations:

1.      No Adequate provisions exist for Child Support.

2.      Collusion.

3.      Condonation

4.      Connivance

Therefore it is important to hire a Good Divorce in Toronto to ensure that your Divorce Application is not rejected by the Judge.

 Divorce in Ontario cost

Divorce Online Ontario Cost $499

Online Divorce Ontario Application Cost $499

We have a transparent Legal Fees Structure published on our website. If you are seeking to file a Simple or Joint Uncontested Divorce in Ontario, we provide a flat legal fees structure. Please Click Here to learn more about Divorce in Ontario Cost.

WHAT IS Difference between DIVORCE


Divorce (or the dissolution of marriage) is the final termination of a marital union by way of a court order, canceling the legal duties and responsibilities of marriage and dissolving the bonds of matrimony between the parties.

A court order of divorce granted under section 8 of the federal Divorce Act is the only way a legally married couple can end their marriage.  Therefore a couple can be living separate and apart for many years without a Court Order but still be regarded as legally married. A couple can only remarry upon obtaining a Court Order for Divorce only.

In other words, a divorce is a legal action between married people to terminate their marriage relationship, by way of a Court Order. This is not an annulment of Marriage.

The Concept of Divorce starts where the parties recognize that a legal and valid marriage did exist between the parties but have decided to terminate the legally valid marriage by way of Divorce.

Annulment, on the other hand, means that a legal and valid marriage did not exist in the first place, therefore, Divorce is not required since there is no marriage. For more details and Tips to know the difference between Divorce Vs. Annulment please Click Here.

Can you file Divorce in Ontario before one year of separation?

Yes, You can always initiate Divorce in Ontario Process before the completion of one year of separation.

You do not have to be separated for more than one year before you go to court.

You can always file your Divorce Application prior in time. It is usually recommended to start the Divorce process well in advance since the court proceedings could take a couple of months to complete. Your Divorce hearing and Divorce Certificate will only be issued after one year of Separation.

For more information, please feel free to call us for a free consultation.

How Long it takes to get a Divorce in Ontario, Canada?

Average processing time for a Divorce Application in Ontario without any complications is between 2 to 4 months. It can take longer if there are complications in the file such as previous divorce application was rejected or we are unable to serve the Divorce Application.

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