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Experienced Real Estate Lawyer in Etobicoke

Our Real Estate Lawyer Etobicoke can handle all types of Residential Real Estate Transactions such as Purchase, Sale, Refinance, Title Transfer of a Matrimonial Home or simple Title Transfer. 

If you are purchasing the property then do keep in mind that purchasing a home is one of the biggest decisions and probably the biggest expense most of us will ever embark on. Our Real Estate Lawyer Etobicoke Fees is one of the most competitive coupled with a commitment for quality of service

Despite this also being one of the most complex transactions anyone will have to deal with, the idea of using the services of an Experienced Real Estate Lawyer frequently doesn’t occur until something goes wrong.

Real Estate Lawyer Etobicoke

Real Estate Lawyer Etobicoke Fees

Our Real Estate Lawyer Etobicoke Fees range from $450 to $990 + Taxes.  Our Legal Fees Structure is Transparent and inclusive of all Lawyer’s Disbursements in accordance with the Law Society Rules 4.2-2.1. No Hidden Fees or Charges.

Interim Closing

New Condo Only
$ 450
00 + HST
  • All Inclusive Legal Fees
  • Review of Interim Documents Included
  • Printing, Faxes, Courier Cost Included
  • One Signing Appointment Included
  • Two Certification of Cheques Included


Residential Only
$ 900
00 + HST
  • Add $99.00 if Purchase with Mortgage
  • All Inclusive Legal Fees
  • Law Office Disbursements Included
  • One Title Search Included
  • Two Writ Searches Included
  • Printing, Faxes, Courier Included
  • One Signing Appointment Included
  • Home & Office Signing Included
  • Securing Title Insurance Included
  • Land Transfer Tax, Title Insurance Cost & Registeration of Documents Cost NOT INCLUDED

Sale / Refinance

Residential Only
$ 810
00 + HST
  • All inclusive Legal Fees
  • Law Office Disbursements included
  • 1 Mortgage Payout included
  • Printing, Faxes, Courier Included
  • Home & Office Signing Included
  • Additional Payouts Cost fixed at $65 each

Note: Our Real Estate Lawyer Etobicoke,  all-inclusive Flat Legal Fees is based on a Residential Transaction for a vacant single-family property on the date of closing and upon receipt of mortgage instructions a week before closing (if applicable).  If you are seeking to close a Commercial Real Estate Transaction, please visit our Corporate Lawyer Page.

What are Closing Costs of Buying a Property

Why Choose US

  • No Additional Fees if Property Value is High
  • No Additional Fees if it is an Investment Property
  • No Additional Fees if it is a Condo
  • Experienced Real Estate Lawyer
  • Thousands of Satisfied Clients
  • BBB Accredited Business
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How to Find a Good Real Estate Lawyer

Customers reviews

Ali and the rest of the staff at Shaikh Law made the legal side of my home purchase stress free. They took care of everything and weren’t satisfied until I was comfortable every step of the way. There are so many unexpected things that come up for a new home buyer so making sure that I had a good lawyer was really important to me.
Fatima Butt
Ali provided excellent service in all categories representing us for our home refinance. I work in law enforcement and therefore deal with attorneys on a regular basis. Ali definitely stands out as a highly professional lawyer who puts his clients first. Ali and his team of professionals kept close communication with me throughout the process and ensured that I was satisfied with his fees and services rendered. I am highly recommending him to my friends, family and coworkers and anyone in need of his services. Thanks Ali for an outstanding job.
Ken Evans
Shaikh Law Helped me with my Real Estate Transaction. The whole process was smooth without a problem. I was happy with the services provided by them. I would certainly recommend them!!
Parsad oberoi
Purchaser & Refinance

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Common Questions

Buying a Property Which is Yet to be Built

Developers in large urban or inner-city areas frequently offer incentives to induce buyers to sign on the dotted line as quickly as possible. 

These could be anything from ‘free’ maintenance contracts to extra luxury fittings. However, these incentives can often prove to be completely different to what a buyer is expecting. 

In a situation like this, the expertise that a real estate lawyer can bring to the table is invaluable when it comes to understanding just what a buyer is getting from the purchase agreement.

 They can also point out all the ‘add-ons’ a developer can load onto the headline purchase price and which buyers are often unaware of until the final purchase costs are added up. 

A real estate lawyer can negotiate on your behalf to cap the closing costs so that there are no unexpected shocks at the end.

How to Choose a Real Estate Lawyer

Choosing the right real estate lawyer for you should be something you take your time over wherever possible. A good lawyer should first of all be independent and impartial.

 Always do your research beforehand, don’t just pick a name at random out of the phone book. Personal recommendation from family or friends is often the best way but if you don’t have access to this method then you could try the Law Society Referral Service. 

Make sure the one you choose can demonstrate a portfolio that is predominantly real estate work to get a lawyer highly experienced in the field. 

An added advantage to this fact will be that the lawyer’s clerical staff will also be well versed in the field of real estate conveyancing.

When to Get a Real Estate Lawyer

Many home-buyers believe that it is not necessary to bring in a lawyer until almost the very end of the transaction in order to do the essential legal searches and money transfers. 

However the point at which you bring in your real estate lawyer can make a huge difference when it comes to the overall time and money spent. 

By getting a lawyer to oversee and review paperwork early on in the process this can help to point out any pitfalls and anomalies and put them right before they have the chance to cause any delays or unnecessary expense. 

Your real estate lawyer is there to protect your interests so it makes sense to have one in place right from the start.

How much will be my total Costs, including Land Transfer Tax and Title Insurance?

We get this question asked frequently. Our Real Estate Lawyer Etobicoke Fees structure is transparent and we charge fixed Legal Fees. 

However, some clients wish to budget their closing costs and wish to know Total amount being spent on Land Transfer Tax as well as Title insurance. 

We have our Closing Cost Calculate to help our clients get an estimate of their Total Closing Costs. Our Clients can download the results of our calculator. Please click here to learn more : Closing Cost Calculator.

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