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At Shaikh Law (Ontario Offices) we charge Flat Legal Fees of $450 for Purchase or Sale or Transfer or Refinance. Our Disbursements and Searches for a Purchase file is $180. Purchaser must also budget for Land Transfer Tax, Title Insurance (usually $300) and Registration Charge of $75.

We offer a transparent breakdown of our Real Estate Lawyer Legal Fees and Disbursements, unlike many other lawyers who would charge exorbitant Fees. As a result, we get numerous referrals and have built a long established relationship without clientele.

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Real Estate Lawyer Mississauga specializes in Commercial & Residential Real Estate Transaction. We cover a broad range of Real Estate Transactions in Sale, Purchase, Refinance, Secondary Mortgage, Line of Credit, Discharge of Mortgage, Private Lending, Certificate of Independent Legal Advice (ILA) for Real Estate Transaction, Interim Closing, Review of Estate Documents, Builder Contracts and much more.

We work collaboratively with your Realtor and Mortgage Broker to ensure your Real Estate Transaction is as smooth as possible.

We will point out any probable legal risks that may come to our attention during the entire process. We can save you the significant amount in mortgage payout penalties when refinancing your mortgage.  Our clients feel comfortable calling us because our Lawyers and Staff speak fluent English, Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu, Filipino, and Gujarati.


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First Time Home Buyer

Real Estate Lawyer Mississauga

What you need to know

Once you have decided which property you want to buy, then your next major task is to find a Real Estate Lawyer.  Our Real Estate Lawyer Mississauga can answer any questions you may have about your future Real Estate Transaction. We understand when you are buying a home for the first time you may have lots of concerns and may not be sure what to do next.


Choosing the right Real Estate Lawyer for your transaction is important. Ask your friends or relatives if they know any good Real Estate Lawyer in your area. Google, Real Estate Lawyer reviews online as well as on yellow pages. You need to look for someone who has the necessary experience and expertise to complete your transaction as smoothly and efficiently as possible. At Shaikh Law we do not ask you just to read our reviews online, we encourage you to inquire about us from your friends and relatives because it matters if you come to a Real Estate Lawyer, who has been recommended by someone you trust.


As a First Time Home Buyer, you will come across various fee structures designed to confuse you in every manner and form. What is important is NOT to know the Real Estate Lawyer Fee but to know how much will he or she charge in addition to their Legal fees. The Real Estate Lawyer Fees is Legal Fees charged by the Lawyer, which can vary from $450 to $500 but the Law Offices will also charge additional costs, which are called disbursements. Disbursements are costs for telephone charges, Photocopy charges, courier charges, Bank Draft charges and much more. On Average, expenditures charged should range between $350 to $450. Our Real Estate Lawyer Mississauga Fees should Average between $900/- to $990 plus tax.


In a Real Estate Transaction, it is one of the most important questions, and the buyer must make sure that they are acutely aware of other additional costs. It will be a horrible experience if you face a situation where you are expected to spend more than you have budgeted for your purchase. In almost all the quotes Real Estate Lawyer Legal Fees & Disbursements would not include;

              1. Land Transfer Tax.
              1. Title Insurance.
              1. Government Registration Cost.
              1. Additional Time spent on the file, if the file is complicated.

You can get an estimated Land Transfer Tax for your purchase by using one of several online Land Transfer Tax Calculators or try our online Real Estate Calculator.

Many Lawyers will suggest that they include Title Insurance in their quote but unfortunately this, not 100% accurate. If you were to review the terms and conditions carefully especially small text, you would discover that they only provide you with an estimated amount. Title Insurance can range from $300 to $900 depending on many factors including purchase price. On average Title Insurance would cost about $300 to $400 in Ontario.

Registration of Documents would costs around $175 for Registration of Transfer and Mortgage.

On average, a Real Estate Lawyer Mississauga and his staff would spend about 2 hours on a Real Estate file. If your Lawyer identified a problem or you have encountered an issue with your transaction such as a date extension or delay in seller moving out of the property then usually the Lawyer would charge you additional time spent on your file at his or her hourly rate. At Shaikh, our regular hourly rate is $350 per hour, but our Real Estate Lawyer Mississauga would only charge $90 per hour for any additional work.

Real Estate Lawyer Mississauga Reviews


James Anthony

We would like to Thank Ali for his excellent service. He accepted our file on a short notice, prepared all the documents over the weekend, although he did charge us a Rush Fees but it was no where close to what other lawyers were asking us, let alone many lawyers simply would not take the file on such a short notice. He was thorough with documentation and explained to us the entire process. He even came to our house to get the signatures at our request.

Kapil Bali

We did Sale and Purchase with Ali Shaikh and he was very helpful in explaining all the steps involved in the entire process. Sale and Purchase of our properties looked extremely complicated but it was made simply and easy. We met him at 7:30pm after our work and he was happy to get meet us. I would strongly recommend Ali Shaikh for Real Estate Transactions. Good Luck Ali for his new office in Mississauga!

Gary Smith

Ali Shaikh Real Estate Fees are very competitive and reasonable. I was worried about the hidden fees and charges. He clearly indicated at the beginning that in addition to his fees there are other costs involved in a Real Estate closing. He provided me with a break up of expenses. In fact upon closing I even got a refund of excess amount paid to him. Ali is an honest person and I would strongly recommend to meet him.

Faiz Mouddin - Cantras International

I have used Shaikh Law for a number of my Commercial & Residential sale, purchase & Refinances. The staff at Shaikh Law is experienced, professional, efficient and knowledgeable and I a never had a problem with my transactions.


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