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About our Real Estate Lawyer in Toronto

When you come to our Real Estate Lawyer in Toronto Downtown, you know that you will be coming to the Lawyer in doing Real Estate Closing in Toronto.  Our Real Estate Lawyer Toronto Fees is competitive but certainly not the lowest. 

Buying, Selling or Refinancing a Home is exciting as well as a stressful process. At Shaikh Law, our aim is to provide a smooth, efficient and enjoyable experience for our clients.

Our Real Estate Lawyer Toronto has the experience and knowledge to help our client for range of Transactions including residential Sale, Purchase, Refinance, same day Sale & Purchase, bridge financing, interim closings for townhouse or a condo, Secondary Mortgage, Line of Credit, Discharge of Mortgage, Transfer of title of Matrimonial Home as per Separation Agreement or Court Order, Simple Transfer of Title, Private Lending, Independent Legal Advice Real Estate or Mortgage (ILA) and much more.

Real Estate Lawyer Toronto Downtown

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Title Transfer

Independent Legal Advice

Interim Closing

Real Estate Lawyer Toronto Fees

Our Real Estate Lawyer Toronto Fees range from $450 to $999 + Taxes.  Our Legal Fees Structure is Transparent and inclusive of all Lawyer’s Disbursements in accordance with the Law Society Rules 4.2-2.1. No Hidden Fees or Charges.

Interim Closing

New Condo Only
$ 450
00 + HST
  • All Inclusive Legal Fees
  • Review of Interim Documents Included
  • Printing, Faxes, Courier Cost Included
  • One Signing Appointment Included
  • Two Certification of Cheques Included


Residential Only
$ 900
00 + HST
  • Add $99.00 if Purchase with Mortgage
  • All Inclusive Legal Fees
  • Law Office Disbursements Included
  • One Title Search Included
  • Two Writ Searches Included
  • Printing, Faxes, Courier Included
  • One Signing Appointment Included
  • Home & Office Signing Included
  • Securing Title Insurance Included
  • Land Transfer Tax, Title Insurance Cost & Registration of Documents Cost NOT INCLUDED
  • Add $450 + Tax, if Mortgage is with B Lender

Sale / Refinance

Residential Only
$ 810
00 + HST
  • All inclusive Legal Fees
  • Law Office Disbursements included
  • 1 Mortgage Payout included
  • Printing, Faxes, Courier Included
  • Home & Office Signing Included
  • Additional Payouts Cost fixed at $65 each
  • Add $450 + Tax, if Refinance with B Lender

Note: Our Real Estate Lawyer Toronto,  all-inclusive Flat Legal Fees is based on a Residential Transaction for a vacant single-family property on the date of closing and upon receipt of mortgage instructions a week before closing (if applicable).  If you are seeking to close a Commercial Real Estate Transaction, please visit our Corporate Lawyer Page.

Services Included in Fees

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Customers reviews

Thank you to Shaikh Law corporation team for providing us excellent service during our purchase and sale of property. They have gone above and beyond just to make sure that all our documents were ready. Keep up the excellent work!
Viberly Anne Santos
Seller & Purchaser
This is my second time purchasing a place, I did not end up using the same lawyer that I used for my first purchase because they were slow and made a lot of errors. When I called Shaikh Law to inquire about their services, they answered all of them and followed up with me a week later to see if I had any other concerns which is why I decided to go with them. Caroline, Ali and Naimesh answered my emails and calls in a timely manner. They have multiple locations around the GTA which made it easier for me to meet with Ali, the lawyer . When I met up with Ali to sign my documents, he explained each document and answered all my questions. Shaikh Law also drops off the keys wherever you want which made it very convenient for me. Along with great service, did I mention they also have the lowest fees compared to other firms? I would definitely recommend them to family and friends as well as use them for my next purchase.
Lily Trieu
Excellent real estate law firm. As a first time client, wasn't sure what to expect. Quickly learnt that this firm was good when they guided me through every step of the way with my real estate transaction, promptly addressed all my concerns and completed every closing step in a very timely manner. In short, they made the entire process run so smoothly that I am truly impressed. My thanks goes out once again to the entire team at Shaikh Law.
John Raposo
Purchaser & Refinance
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Real Estate Lawyer Toronto

How Much Real Estate Lawyer Costs

We commonly get this question “How much does a Real Estate Lawyer Cost in Ontario?”. At Shaikh Law, our Real Estate Lawyer Toronto Fees is an all-inclusive flat Legal Fees inclusive of Law Office Disbursements. Our Fixed Fees for SALE & REFINANCE is $810+HST,  Cash Purchase $900 + HST, Purchase with Mortgage $999+HST and  Interim Closing $450 +HST.

Our Fees structure is transparent and is available 24/7 online. Our client can get an online written quote sent out to their inbox within a matter of 5 minutes. Our client may also wish to use our online closing cost calculator to estimate their taxes and disbursements.  On Average total closing cost for cash, Purchase is $900 + HST and $999+HST with a mortgage which includes Law office Disbursements and Searches. Therefore a short answer to “how much does Real Estate Lawyer Cost? would be less than a $1,000/-

What Drives the Closing Cost higher?

It is important to note that what drives up the closing cost is not the Legal Fees but the third party expenses such as Title Insurance and Land Transfer Tax. If the Property is located in Toronto then our clients will be paying not one but two Land Transfer Taxes, one for the Municipality of Toronto and the other for Ontario Province.

 We can apply to get the Land Transfer Tax Rebate for our clients if all purchasers are first time home buyers. We can apply to save up to a maximum of $4,000.

We provide written quotes to our clients and we encourage our prospective clients to also to obtain written quotes to make sure our clients are fully informed the charges.

The thing to bear in mind above all is that buying a property is not only an expensive and complex issue it is also, for most, something which is done only occasionally.

This means there is all the more reason to choose a real estate lawyer in Toronto, Ontario early on in the process and one who will work to protect your interests all the way through.

With this in mind remember that Cheapest Real Estate Lawyer Toronto is not necessarily the best option and that hiring a lawyer sooner rather than later in the buying process can help save you time, money and stress.

How to Find a Good Real Estate Lawyer

The most reliable way to find a Real Estate Lawyer is to ask around among your friends and family.

Find out if they know someone knows a Good Real Estate Lawyer who did their closing without any issues.

Secondly, you should go online and do some research to find a list of Real Estate Lawyer near you.

Real Estate Investment in Toronto, Ontario

A basic human need is having a roof over your head, and with the growing population in cities such as Ontario, it means that there is more opportunity for real estate investments.

Real estate is still one of the most lucrative forms of investments that you can invest in, this is partially due to the increasingly large demands of rental properties regardless of inflation, an influx of immigrants arriving in Canada, weather, Multi-culturalism, a nest a several large cities and head offices of International Corporation.

Although many are aware of the opportunities in real estate it appears as though people are still skeptical about capitalizing and becoming a real estate millionaire.

As the years have passed we have seen the birth of many real estate millionaires such as Robert Kiyosaki who wrote the top seller ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’.

Throughout the book Robert demonstrates simple steps of investing in real estate, and renting it out to tenants.

As a result of renting out a property, he shares how passive income is gained while property value increases by doing nothing except your initial investment.

Passive income is a steady and more predictable source of income compared to investing in other businesses.

In addition to gaining passive income from real estate investments, you are also made exempt from self-employment tax. Furthermore, the government offers tax benefits including reduction and significantly lower tax rates for long-term profits.

These findings alone demonstrate the benefits of investing in real estate.

In all that being said, there are risks involved in real estate investment, as there are with all types of investments.

However, there are many ways in which risk can be reduced, one of them being, hiring an experienced Real Estate Lawyer in Toronto, who have extensive knowledge on Real Estate Closings.

Our Real Estate Lawyer Toronto Downtown, endeavor to ensure they review your Real Estate Purchase, Sale or refinance documents thoroughly so to protect your investment in Real Estate and to avoid lawsuits being sent your way.

Additionally, they can maximize your profit by helping you understand your return on investment, ensuring that you make the maximum profit possible on each investment.

At Shaikh Law, we have the necessary experience and expertise to help our client build their real estate investment.

We make sure the process is smooth and efficient.

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