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Real Estate Lawyer Brampton

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Real Estate Lawyer Brampton

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Toronto Real Estate Lawyer

When you come to our Toronto Real Estate Lawyers, you know that you will be coming to the experts in doing just Real Estate closings. Shaikh Law has been successfully closing Real Estate Transactions for Sale, Purchase, Refinance or a mere Transfer from one person to another person or company.

Our Toronto Real Estate Lawyers have extensive experience in Real Estate Closings. Not only we deal with simple Real Estate Transactions but we can handle more complicated transactions such as Sale and Purchase on same day,  bridge financing, closing by way of western law society protocol, Sale and Purchase by Corporations, Condo Purchases, Rural Properties, New Home purchase from a builder, wills and probate transfer of property, closing by way of Power of Attorney, sale of property if one of the sellers is abroad.

We are proud of our exemplary client satisfaction record who have ranked us among the best local real estate lawyer. We can handle same-day purchase, sale, refinance and many complex deals including Power of Attorney. All you have to do is give us a call.

Real Estate Lawyer


$450 + Taxes

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How much a Good Real Estate Lawyer Cost

At Shaikh Law, our Toronto Real estate Lawyers offer fixed Legal Fees of $450 + Taxes per transaction. Our Fees structure is transparent and is available 24/7 online. Our client can get an online written quote sent out to their inbox within a matter of 5 minutes. Our client may also wish to use our online closing cost calculator to estimate their taxes and disbursements.  On Average total closing cost for a Purchase including one mortgage would be $909 plus taxes and $810 plus Taxes cash purchase, which includes $450 Legal Fees, $180 Disbursements and $180 Searches. Therefore you can retain a Good Real Estate Lawyer in Toronto Downtown for less than a $1000.

What drives up the closing cost is not the Legal Fees but the third party expenses such as Title Insurance and Land Transfer Tax. If the Property is located in Toronto then our clients will be paying not one but two Land Transfer Taxes, one for the Municipality of Toronto and the other for Ontario Province.  We can apply to get the Land Transfer Tax Rebate for our clients if all purchasers are first time home buyers. We can apply to save up to a maximum of $4,000.

How can the Legal Fees be Capped at $450

We make full use of technology and online automated client registration system. We request our client to register online at our website or via email and thereafter we use one of the most advance conveyance software in the market. All the documents are registered electronically online and final reports are sent out to client online as well. We are working on building a virtual automated available online 24/7 for our clients and hope to achieve them in the near future. You can carry your virtual lawyer with you anywhere you like. We request our clients to wish us well in our future endeavors towards high full automation.


Home Buying Check List

Learn what you need before you contact your Real Estate Lawyer


Learn What is a building Location Servery, Property Survey

Condo Status Certificate

Learn What is a condo Certificate


 Seller’s Check List

Learn what you need before you contact your Real Estate Lawyer

Keys on Closing

Find out when you need to drop the keys for your Property

Payment of Sale Proceeds

Find out when you will receive your Sale Proceeds

Services Included in Fees


Review Agreement of Sale & Purchase, Offer to Purchase, Draft Sale, Transfer, Mortgage.


Registration of Real Estate Documents Final Reports to Lender and Client.


Payment to Seller, Bank or the Credit Union, Land Transfer Tax, Government Charges.

Our Client Testimonials


James Anthony

We would like to Thank Ali for his excellent service. He accepted our file on a short notice, prepared all the documents over the weekend, although he did charge us a Rush Fees but it was no where close to what other lawyers were asking us, let alone many lawyers simply would not take the file on such a short notice. He was thorough with documentation and explained to us the entire process. He even came to our house to get the signatures at our request.

Kapil Bali

We did Sale and Purchase with Ali Shaikh and he was very helpful in explaining all the steps involved in the entire process. Sale and Purchase of our properties looked extremely complicated but it was made simply and easy. We met him at 7:30pm after our work and he was happy to get meet us. I would strongly recommend Ali Shaikh for Real Estate Transactions. Good Luck Ali for his new office in Mississauga!

Gary Smith

Ali Shaikh Real Estate Fees are very competitive and reasonable. I was worried about the hidden fees and charges. He clearly indicated at the beginning that in addition to his fees there are other costs involved in a Real Estate closing. He provided me with a break up of expenses. In fact upon closing I even got a refund of excess amount paid to him. Ali is an honest person and I would strongly recommend to meet him.

Best Toronto Real Estate Lawyer

Ken Evans

Ali provided excellent service in all categories representing us for our home refinance. I work in law enforcement and therefore deal with attorneys on a regular basis. Ali definitely stands out as a highly professional lawyer who puts his clients first. Ali and his team of professionals kept close communication with me throughout the process and ensured that I was satisfied with his fees and services rendered. I am highly recommending him to my friends, family and coworkers and anyone in need of his services. Thanks Ali for an outstanding job.

Fatima Butt

Ali and the rest of the staff at Shaikh Law made the legal side of my home purchase stress free. They took care of everything and weren’t satisfied until I was comfortable every step of the way. There are so many unexpected things that come up for a new home buyer so making sure that I had a good lawyer was really important to me.

Frank M

My real estate experience was smooth with Shaikh Law. I filled all the information online, then I just went once to sign all the papers. I got my Sale proceeds deposited into my account. I did not have to do a lot of running around. They are good with technology. I would highly recommend them.

What Toronto Real Estate Lawyers will do for you

Our Real Estate Lawyer in Toronto can handle residential sales and purchases, title transfer, Refinances, moving lenders or paying out creditors, Transfer between Spouse or children, survivorship Application Transfer. Our vast experience includes drafting complex purchase documentation and tailoring forms to meet specific needs. We work collaboratively with your real estate agent and mortgage representative to ensure documents reflect the parties’ interests and agreements.

You will be advised of any potential legal risks that come to light during the process and of how you can protect your interests. You can save significant money in reduced payout penalties when refinancing your mortgage.

Whether you wish to invest in Real Estate or you are buying or you have placed your house for sale through Realtor in Toronto, Mississauga via MLS listing or it is a private sale we can make the transaction a smooth and easy for you.

When you engage our Toronto Real Estate Lawyer s/he will review the Residential Real Estate transaction and can be retained to do the following tasks individually or as part of a Sale, Purchase or Refinance transactions;

  • Receive Mortgage instructions (if applicable).
  • Draft Counter Offer
  • Review Agreement of Purchase and Sale.
  • Lawyer’s approval as to form
  • Perform Title searches.
  • Perform Tax searches.
  • Obtain Tax Certificate if necessary.
  • Identify how the parties wish to be named on the title.
  • Review Condo Status Certificate (if applicable)
  • Identify any issues with the title.
  • We Correspondent with other lawyers.
  • Register Transfer
  • Register Mortgage (if any)
  • Payout and discharge existing mortgage (if any)
  • Pay the client.
  • Pay the vendor.
  • Pay the Lender (if required).
  • Obtain Extension of possession date.
  • Provide final reports to Lender and Parties
  • Comply with the Law Society regulations and requirements.
  • Obtain title Insurance.
  • Explain the legal terms of the Agreement of Sale And Purchase to the client
  • Identify any legal defects.
  • Explain all other legal documents involved in the Residential Real Estate Transaction.
Toronto Real Estate Lawyer First Time Home Buyer Rebate

First Time Home Buyer? No Problem !

As a Frist Time home buyer, you may have several questions about the process. We want to assure our Real Estate clients that they just need to be focused on their dreams of buying a home and we will look after the rest. We provide Free 30 minutes Consultation to our client to help them understand the entire Real Estate Process.

Our Real Estate Lawyer Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton can help first time home buyers to claim up to $4,000/- in Ontario Land Transfer Tax and if the property is located in Toronto then we can also claim the refund up to $3,725/– towards Toronto Municipal Land Transfer Tax.

Tax Tips : First Time Home Buyer



Eligibility: 1) Property must be located within Canada, 2) You have not lived in a home owned by you or your common law partner in the year you bought it or in past four years.



Each spouse or common law partner can withdraw up to $20,000/- tax free in a calendar year, if neither of them have occupied  a home owned by either of them and the property is located in Canada



Eligibility: Both spouses or common law partners never owned a home anywhere in the world & must occupy the property as their primary residence within 9 months from date of transfer.

Our Success Rate

Skill & Knowledge
Real Estate Law Experience
Deal Closed - 9,270
  • Flat Fees Guarantee

    Our Flat Fees includes our Fixed Professional Fees and all Legal Disbursements, excluding, Land Transfer Tax, Title Insurance and Property Registration Fees.

  • Home Signing Facility

    You do not have to come to us. We will come to you at home, at work or at a place of your convenience, within Southern Ontario. We are also available on evenings and weekends. 

  • 100% Lowest Fees Gurantee

    We pride ourself to state that if you can get a better written quote for legal fees, we will match it by 10% 

Real Estate Investment

A basic human need is having a roof over your head, and with the growing population in cities such as Ontario, it means that there is more opportunity for real estate investments. Real estate is still one of the most lucrative forms of investments that you can invest in, this is partially due to the increasingly large demands of rental properties regardless of inflation, an influx of immigrants arriving in Canada, weather, Multi-culturalism, a nest a several large cities and head offices of International Corporation. Although many are aware of the opportunities in real estate it appears as though people are still skeptical about capitalizing and becoming a real estate millionaire.

As the years have passed we have seen the birth of many real estate millionaires such as Robert Kiyosaki who wrote the top seller ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’. Throughout the book Robert demonstrates simple steps of investing in real estate, and renting it out to tenants. As a result of renting out a property, he shares how passive income is gained while property value increases by doing nothing except your initial investment.

Passive income is a steady and more predictable source of income compared to investing in other businesses. In addition to gaining passive income from real estate investments, you are also made exempt from self-employment tax. Furthermore, the government offers tax benefits including reduction and significantly lower tax rates for long-term profits. These findings alone demonstrate the benefits of investing in real estate.

In all that being said, there are risks involved in real estate investment, as there are with all types of investments. However, there are many ways in which risk can be reduced, one of them being, hiring an experienced Real Estate Lawyer, such as those found at Shaikh Law, who have extensive knowledge on Real Estate closings. Our Real Estate Lawyer Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, and Winnipeg endeavor to ensure they review your Real Estate Purchase, Sale or refinance documents thoroughly so to protect your investment in Real Estate and to avoid lawsuits being sent your way. Additionally, they can maximize your profit by helping you understand your return on investment, ensuring that you make the maximum profit possible on each investment.

At shaikh law, we have the necessary experience and expertise to help our client build their real estate investment. We make sure the process is smooth and efficient.

Discount on Legal Fees

Get 10% off Legal Fees on your second Transaction

Client Service

At Shaikh law, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality of Real Estate Legal Service in Greater Toronto Area as well as in Winnipeg.  We provide the skillful representation you need during the process of sale, purchase, mortgage or refinance.

Our use of cutting edge technology means that you can achieve stress-free purchase or sale of a property in a quick time with least amount of hassle. We have the necessary expertise and resources to guide you through the process of Selling, Buying or Refinancing, your home. We are dedicated to achieving excellence in the field of Real Estate.

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